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What To Eat In Hong Kong | The Curious Food Of Hong Kong!

Thinking of a walking tour Hong Kong, you might have many things like Victoria Peak, Star Ferryor many other touristy places in mind. Thinking food, you might think of Dim Sum, pork bbq or any kind of stir-fry... BUT did you know that Hong Kong is home to some very curious foods that might not be for the faint-hearted? Let's start this nice and easy. Here is our very special TOP 4!

Chicken Feet! Although the appearance is maybe not very appealing and once you get over that it is actually a chicken's feet, you will quickly realise "This does taste like chicken!"  These wrinkly claws are delicious (mostly sold out by 9 AM!!!) in a meal or as a snack on your next BBQ!

Crunchy chicken feet

Crunchy chicken feet

Pig uterus is up next! Crispy on the outside soft on the inside, this popular snack is easy to find anywhere with street food. However, who could tell it is uterus from the picture???

Popular street food

Popular street food

Snake soup! This is a gourmet dish very popular in winter, is said to be very nutritious and good for one’s spiritual balance as the positive “Yin” energy will combat against the cold, negative “Yang” energy especially during the months of winter. Supposedly, you should eat this in winter with it's warming properties are said to have an adverse effect on the body when combined with warm weather. One can have it shredded or sliced in a soup and guess what? Many people say it tastes like chicken!

Get your hot soup of snake

Get your hot soup of snake

Geoduck! Pronounced "gooeyduck", it could not be any further from a duck ever! The world's largest burrowing clam might, at first sight, give you the giggles! But once you have overcome this initial reaction seeing this weird thing that looks like it could be the grandchild of "Jabba the Hutt" (and some other things), you can dig in and taste the sweet, clear and tender meat, served raw, seared, sautéed, or as sushi, in soups or hot pots.

Weird shaped clam

Weird shaped clam

So, why not dare try something completely out of the ordinary and create unforgettable memories that will make you smile years later when you think of your Hong Kong city tour?!

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Walking Tour Hong Kong | Hike Hong Kong

For the active and adventurous amongst us: Let's go on a hike!!! There is no doubt that Hong Kong is a paradise for hikers of any levels with the many trails from slow and gentle strolls of the Dragon's Back to challenging steep hikes of the Sunset Peak - Hong Kong has something for all levels.

Check out the hikes

Check out the hikes

At first it might sound challenging but when you are on a hike and start discovering deserted beaches, volcanic landscapes, temples and feng shui woods, you will quickly start enjoying every step you take! Take a break from your city tour of Hong Kong and make space for nature!

Meet interesting hiking buddies

Meet interesting hiking buddies

On your hike you will certainly meet the most interesting people and meet a multitude of new "natural" hiking buddies.

What a great co-incidence, that Hello Hong Kong not only offers Hong Kong city tours but also guided tours to the Dragon's Back! Anytime you want to step out of the concrete jungle and recharge, you have a big variety not only to soak up the sun on the many beaches but you can recharge your soul and energise your body reaching the top of the mountain and be rewarded with a stunning view.

Be rewarded with the best views

Be rewarded with the best views

So, use the beautiful weather and check out Hong Kong from a bird's-eye view. Don't forget to take enough water and sunscreen with you! Let your Hong Kong tour guide help you discover Hong Kong's wildlife side!

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Hong Kong Private Tours | Hello Hong Kong Started Tour En Espanol!

At Hello Hong Kong we thrive to cater to as many people as possible. Having a variety of guests from all over the world, we love to provide them with the best experience on a walking tour of Hong Kong. Hence we decided to expand our team to be able to serve our Spanish guests in the Spanish language! Our latest Hong Kong tour guide, Cecilia, has the perfect mix of being a local growing up in Panama. She will take you on a local Hong Kong tour in Spanish and will help to create some fabulous memories of your stay in Hong Kong! But let us see what Cecilia has to say: Nuestro último miembro del equipo tiene la combinación perfecta de ser un local que creció en Panamá.  Ella te llevará en una gira local de Hong Kong en español y te ayudara a crear algunos recuerdos fabulosos de su estancia en Hong Kong. Pero veamos que tiene que decir Cecilia:

What is your favourite place in Hong Kong?

Cuál es tu lugar favorito en Hong Kong

Mi lugar favorito en Hong Kong es la Bahía  de Victoria en donde se aprecia la vista espectacular de ciudad; apretujada entre las montañas de Kowloon y los elevados rascacielos del puerto de Hong Kong.  Esta es la imagen icónica de Hong Kong.

What's your favourite Cantonese expression and why? ¿Cuál es su frase favorita en cantonés y por qué?

Mi frase favorita en Cantones es Duo xie que significa muchas gracias y es mi favorita porque es la palabra más fácil de pronunciar en cantonés.

What's your favourite Chinese food? ¿Cuál es su comida Cantonesa favorita?

Mi comida favorita Cantonesa es el Dimsum.  Es mi comida favorita  por su variedad y diferente métodos de preparación. El Dimsum consiste en una variedad de rellenos, platos al vapor y otras golosinas.  El origen del Dimsum cantonés está muy ligado a la tradición china de “yum cha” o beber té.

What is the one thing that you miss thinking back of Panama? ¿Qué es lo que echas de menos cuando piensas en Panamá?

Lo que más extraño es la familia y las amistades.

What is your favourite South American food? ¿Cuál es tú comida latina favorita?

El tamal panameño hecho de maíz molido con relleno de pollo, pasas y aceitunas mezclado en un guisado de tomate, cebolla, ajo, pimientos, ciltantro y culantro.   (Similar to Chinese Sticky rice dumpling for Dragon Boat Festival Celebration)

What is favourite Spanish expression? ¿Cuál es tu expresión favorita?

“Hasta Mañana” = See you tomorrow.

There we go! If you are on a tour with Cecilia, you sure will be in for a great time!

Aquí Vamos! Si estás de gira con Cecilia, seguro que pasará un buen momento.

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Night Tour Hong Kong | World Cup 2018 Is Here!
World Cup 2018 is here!

World Cup 2018 is here!

"What has a night tour of Kowloon to do with the World Cup 2018 in Russia?", I hear you say. Well, there would be many explanations but on of them is that it can be seen as a "warm up" to get ready for the long night! Because of the time difference, matches start after 6 PM.

So, if you happen to be in Hong Kong during the World Cup and happen to look for a Hong Kong local tour, we got you sorted! Our night tour of Kowloon starts at 4 PM and finishes at 8 PM. Perfect timing to finish and find the bar that shows the matches. Here are some bars that have the matches on screen!


Did you know that Hong Kong's largest Mexican food chain was planning to have semi-final and final parties in their outlets in LKF, TST and SYP? They also have serve delicious nachos with national themes! Reason enough to have an ice cold beer, nachos and watch the match! Visit their page here!

Cali-Mex plans having Semi-Final parties

Cali-Mex plans having Semi-Final parties

Champs Restaurant Bar@The Charterhouse

The Champs Bar is known for its sports environment with different live broadcasts of popular events as well as latest sports events of which the World Cup 2018 is a major one! Besides hot foods and a salad bar, you get a great selection of different beers and other drinks.

Beer and football!

Beer and football!


This place has it all! Chicken wings, satay and nachos can be ordered along with sushi, warm chocolate cookie and pad thai! All events are free apart from the final on July 15 when the entrance is HKD 150 for free flow beer! Worth to check them out here!

Have some wings and beer

Have some wings and beer

And of course, to give you a head start and to check out what teams are playing, we have the groups for 2018 below.

Talk to your local tour guide Hong Kong about World Cup

Talk to your local tour guide Hong Kong about World Cup

Check with your Hong Kong tour guide on how to get to the bar of your choice. They will also be happy to tell you which game is on at what time in Hong Kong.

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Best Hong Kong Tours - When You Get The Certificate of Excellence 4 Years In A Row
A view on a Hong Kong City Tour

A view on a Hong Kong City Tour

Since we founded Hello Hong Kong in October 2013 we always thrived for excellence. To deliver enjoyable and interesting walking tours of Hong Kong. We gathered a team of brilliant tour guides that share the same passion for Hong Kong.

When we started out we did not expect to be on such a fun ride with each and every one of our guests! We took them on Hong Kong private tours, on Kowloon walking tours after dark, showed them around Lantau Island and introduced them to what to eat in Hong Kong.

join your privater tour guide in Hong Kong for a health boosting cup of herbal tea at the end of your night tour.

join your privater tour guide in Hong Kong for a health boosting cup of herbal tea at the end of your night tour.

Take a cable car ride to the Big Buddha on our Lantau Island tours

Take a cable car ride to the Big Buddha on our Lantau Island tours

All our hard work started paying off when we saw the results in forms of reviews from our guests. We were overwhelmed by the fantastic reviews on TripAdvisor!

Check out our tours on trip advisor

Check out our tours on trip advisor

check out the food&drink section

check out the food&drink section

We were so happy to receive the "Certificate of Excellence" on the world's biggest travel page! We did not expect to receive this award for four years in a row!

So proud to have made it 3 years in a row!

So proud to have made it 3 years in a row!

We are beyond ecstatic and asked our founder and director, Laura to share her thoughts:

What a lovely surprise we had when we opened our inbox this morning! This certificate is for everyone that has been a part of the Hello Hong Kong journey over the past year. It recognises the hard work that everyone in our small team puts in. From Burcin and Allen in the office to the faces of the company, our wonderful tour guides! And very importantly it recognises the time and effort that you, our guests, have put in to write us a review following your day out with us. We can not thank you enough. Every review really does count! And yes we do read them all! THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts

So next time you are planning to a sightseeing in Hong Kong, book your tour with us and let us be part of creating great memories of your Hong Kong local tour. Book your tour here!

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Tour Guide Hong Kong - Spotlight on Kate

Welcome to the 5th episode of our "Meet your Personal Tour Guide"! Today, we have all eyes on our actress/brilliant tour guide in the Hello Hong Kong Team, Kate! When Kate joined our team, we were sure that her happy attitude and smiling face will be a great addition to our special team. Growing up in Hong Kong and Australia, Kate has many interesting stories about Hong Kong when it still was under British rule. When you are on a Private Customised Tour with our history enthusiast ask her questions from the time when Hong Kong had to surrender to the Japanese and how it came that it went back to the British.

Now let's see what Kate has to say:

** What was the funniest thing that ever happened on tour?
-> Being swarmed by people advertising their restaurants in Chungking Mansions. There were so many flyers in my face that I couldn’t see anything else and so I had to turn and look for tour guide Jess to help me exit the building.
** Where is Chungking Mansion?
-> It is on Nathan Road and one of our stops in the night tour of Kowloon. Worth checking it out!
** What is your favourite place in Hong Kong?
-> The airport as it reminds me of the great feeling of arriving back in this awesome city.
** What's your favourite Cantonese word and why?
-> “m goi sai” as I apparently say it with a perfect Hong Kong accent.
** What's your favourite Chinese food?
->A drink, not food... I love Hong Kong’s iced lemon tea.
** Oh...! That is a perfect drink especially now that the weather is getting hotter! Great idea, Kate!
We are sure that if you are on a Hong Kong Local Tour with Kate, you definitely in for a treat!
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Private Tours Hong Kong - Spotlight on Jamie of J3 Tours

Being a tour operator for Hong Kong package tours, we, naturally, have many friends in the industry that we ask for help if we are fully booked. One of them is Jamie from J3 Tours.  

Originally from Yorkshire, Jamie has been in Hong Kong for 46 years! Jamie offers Private Walking Tours of Hong Kong and delivers them with a brilliant sense of humour. Jamie has a mild obsession with cars. You can check out his 67, 907 photos of cars HERE. No, we are not joking he indeed has published that many pictures of cars! His Flickr site has over 98,000 photographs and is an excellent resource for helping you to decide what you would like to see in Hong Kong. Jamie is a fantastic tour guide and our go-to recommendation if we are ever fully booked. Check out Sherri & Mike's beautiful picture with the stunning view of Hong Kong Island.

happy tour guide, happy guest

With his passion for photography, Jamie gets always great shots to make your city tour of Hong Kong unforgettable!

Join Jamie for a private tour


But let's see what the man himself has to say:

*What was the funniest thing that ever happened on a tour?

--> Easy one, I had a client who tripped and fell into the swimming pool at the Intercontinental Hotel, fully clothed, US$1,000 pair of shoes - he took it all in his stride though!!

*What is your favourite place in Hong Kong?

--> My spot at the Peak without question

*What's your favourite Cantonese word and why?

--> Um Goy - even I can't mess that one up

*What's your favourite Chinese food?

--> Cheap Dim Sum at Famous Dim Sum near Prince Edward MTR Station - awesome

So next time you are on a Hong Kong sightseeing tour for you and your family, say "hi" to Jamie too!

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Walking Tours Of Hong Kong - A Visit To The Fleming Hotel Wan Chai

Last week we visited the newly renovated and reopened boutique hotel "The Fleming". The first thing we noticed about this place was the design. Inspired by one of our favourite places on our Hong Kong package tour, the hotel shows some cool features that you can find on the Star Ferry. The back of the chairs in the reception area can change their directions and you can sit facing either side of the room. Just like the ferry seats when you enjoy the view on a Hong Kong local tour! Have a quick stop here on your city tour of Hong Kong

We then went on to check out some rooms. Not only are they spacious and nicely decorated but they, too, feature some really cool things of the favourite way of transport on a city tour of Hong Kong. You can change the sign at the door of each room by turning the disk.

Star Ferry inspired

But the most special place the washroom (yes, you read that one correct!). When you are going to answer nature's call before your sightseeing in Hong Kong, you will be surprised by the washroom floor of "The Fleming". The really clever designer had the idea of using fifty Hong Kong cents coins for the floor. We asked André Canhota, the guest experience manager, how many coins they were while we were still in awe about it. He told us that they used 27,500(!) coins in total for that floor. That certainly is quite a number of coins!

27500 coins cover this floor

So, if you have time after your day tours Hong Kong, go say "Hi"  to the super friendly staff at The Fleming. Should you already have booked your room at this beautiful boutique hotel, ask them to book your Hong Kong private tour for you with your Hong Kong tour guide!

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Hong Kong Local Tour - A Stroll Through Nathan Road

Visiting the Kowloon side on your Hong Kong private tour, you probably will come passed Nathan Road. One of the busiest streets in Hong Kong to experience the hustle and bustle of this place to its full extent. Masses of taxis, buses and vans will go through here non-stop. Nathan Road was in full bloom in the 1980s when it had become the shopping strip with neon glowing signs and glittering marquee lights galore,  shops, row after row earning itself the name "The Golden Mile". Walk through the streets of Mong Kok on your personalised night tour of kowloon and soak up the atmosphere of the neon lights.


When you are looking for places to visit in Hong Kong at night, go to Nathan Road to stroll through several markets. Take a Kowloon walking tour and have a snack in one of the speciality places ranging from Indian, to Pakistani, to African origins, or check out various dim sum places. Ask your Hong Kong foodie guide to try the delicious street food.

Check out the markets on your night tour Hong Kong

On your city tour of Hong Kong, we will tell you more about the history of the "Golden Mile". How it came to change its name from Robinson Road to Nathan Road. Why the Jewish governor only lasted 3 years.

Ask to visit Kowloon when you book your Hong Kong package tour and let yourself be carried away by the buzzing energy of Nathan Road!

Private tour guide Jess tries the stinky tofu during one of her night tours in Kowloon. The big question is, did she like it!?

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Hello Hong Kong Sailing voted best for family friendly days out

Hello Hong Kong sailing adventures voted by Sassy Mama as one of the best family friendly junk boat trips in Hong Kong!  

Click on the image to read the whole article.


book captain ryan for your hong kong junk adventure a day sailing in hong kong with captain ryan






Who is this 'Captain Ryan' I hear you asking.

This handsome devil!

sailing in hong kong with captain ryan

Ryan is originally from the US and has lived in Asia for 12 years, moving from New York following an office job.  He started in Singapore, moving to Hong Kong in 2011.  In  recent years he has sailed about 8,000 nautical miles around Southeast Asia and the South China Sea including trips between Hong Kong and Shanghai, the Philippines and Borneo and between Singapore and Phuket, Langkawi, and surrounding Malaysia and Indonesia.  He also enjoys seeing the area by motorcycle, riding about 15,000km on two trips around Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia. He is quite the action man!

Ryan says that he really likes Hong Kong for its opposites - a gritty, thriving urban city surrounded by the outdoors with great seasons for sailing, running and hiking.  He likes showing people sides of Hong Kong that they would never see around HK island and Kowloon.
So what are you waiting for? Book your Hong Kong sailing adventure with Captain Ryan today!


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