Tour Guide Hong Kong - Spotlight on Kate

Welcome to the 5th episode of our "Meet your Personal Tour Guide"! Today, we have all eyes on our actress/brilliant tour guide in the Hello Hong Kong Team, Kate! When Kate joined our team, we were sure that her happy attitude and smiling face will be a great addition to our special team. Growing up in Hong Kong and Australia, Kate has many interesting stories about Hong Kong when it still was under British rule. When you are on a Private Customised Tour with our history enthusiast ask her questions from the time when Hong Kong had to surrender to the Japanese and how it came that it went back to the British.

Now let's see what Kate has to say:

** What was the funniest thing that ever happened on tour?
-> Being swarmed by people advertising their restaurants in Chungking Mansions. There were so many flyers in my face that I couldn’t see anything else and so I had to turn and look for tour guide Jess to help me exit the building.
** Where is Chungking Mansion?
-> It is on Nathan Road and one of our stops in the night tour of Kowloon. Worth checking it out!
** What is your favourite place in Hong Kong?
-> The airport as it reminds me of the great feeling of arriving back in this awesome city.
** What's your favourite Cantonese word and why?
-> “m goi sai” as I apparently say it with a perfect Hong Kong accent.
** What's your favourite Chinese food?
->A drink, not food... I love Hong Kong’s iced lemon tea.
** Oh...! That is a perfect drink especially now that the weather is getting hotter! Great idea, Kate!
We are sure that if you are on a Hong Kong Local Tour with Kate, you definitely in for a treat!
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