Private Tours Hong Kong - Spotlight on Jamie of J3 Tours

Being a tour operator for Hong Kong package tours, we, naturally, have many friends in the industry that we ask for help if we are fully booked. One of them is Jamie from J3 Tours.  

Originally from Yorkshire, Jamie has been in Hong Kong for 46 years! Jamie offers Private Walking Tours of Hong Kong and delivers them with a brilliant sense of humour. Jamie has a mild obsession with cars. You can check out his 67, 907 photos of cars HERE. No, we are not joking he indeed has published that many pictures of cars! His Flickr site has over 98,000 photographs and is an excellent resource for helping you to decide what you would like to see in Hong Kong. Jamie is a fantastic tour guide and our go-to recommendation if we are ever fully booked. Check out Sherri & Mike's beautiful picture with the stunning view of Hong Kong Island.

happy tour guide, happy guest

With his passion for photography, Jamie gets always great shots to make your city tour of Hong Kong unforgettable!

Join Jamie for a private tour


But let's see what the man himself has to say:

*What was the funniest thing that ever happened on a tour?

--> Easy one, I had a client who tripped and fell into the swimming pool at the Intercontinental Hotel, fully clothed, US$1,000 pair of shoes - he took it all in his stride though!!

*What is your favourite place in Hong Kong?

--> My spot at the Peak without question

*What's your favourite Cantonese word and why?

--> Um Goy - even I can't mess that one up

*What's your favourite Chinese food?

--> Cheap Dim Sum at Famous Dim Sum near Prince Edward MTR Station - awesome

So next time you are on a Hong Kong sightseeing tour for you and your family, say "hi" to Jamie too!

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