Hong Kong Activities | 4 Alternative Junk Boats

Whether you like to hike, to go to the beach, to wander around the New Territories or to jump into a junk party, Hong Kong offers plenty of opportunities to unleash, far from the busy city life, during the week-end. Renting a junk is one of the most popular attraction among locals and tourists but there are many boating alternatives that might worst a try.

Fireworks cruises

Firework cruises will provide you with an open-air panoramic view of sparkling firework display without interruption on Victoria Harbour. A truly unique and amazing experience.

The Hong Kong government does the fireworks about four times in a year:

  • ·For Chinese New Year, the second day of the Lunar New Year (January or February).

  • For Hong Kong’s Establishment Day (July).

  • For the National Day (October).

  • For New Year Eve (December).

Hong Kong fireworks Victoria Cruises

Hong Kong fireworks Victoria Cruises

Finding a good spot is not an easy matter, since these events tend to be extremelly crowded, and you have to arrive earlier than the start of the program and even have to deal with the crowd. However, having a view of the fireworks from the two sides of the harbour, is one of the best ways to enjoy the magic of Hong Kong.

A firework cruise on a boat will make you get the best view of the fireworks because you are close to it and will not need to struggle with a large number of people before you get your spectacular view. The harbour definitely offers you the best spot to enjoy such unique moments with your huge group families and friends. You will even have the luxury if a nice and warm cabin to relax and merry rather than being squeezed with people on land.

Squid fishing

Squid fishing is a very enjoyable activity done in the evening of Hong Kong summer usually between Aprils to September. Hong Kong is the second largest consumer of seafood in Asia.

You should try doing something different apart from a junk boat party this summer, while you enjoy the cool of the evening on a boat, and fishing for squids in Hong Kong is an amazing activity you will enjoy for chilling with your friends whether for a weekend event or as an after-work activity

Hong Kong Squid

Hong Kong Squid

Once fished, squid can be cooked on the barbecue, fried pan or even dried and for those who already spent some time in Hong Kong, we are sure that you can relate that dry seafood is everywhere. Moreover, there are plenty of seafood restaurants all over the city, especially in Sai kung or Lamma Island and most of the fishing activities will be around these areas.

Waiting for the squids to gather while having a nice time with your friends, families and colleagues or even have a gang of summer birthday fun is a must-do activity during summer. You do not have to panic if you are not good at fishing, the junk operators will always provide you with lessons to sharpen your latent fishing skills.

Symphony of light on a private boat

The symphony of lights is also quite popular (and very crowded), every night starting from 8PM. While it’s also one of the most popular activity, both for locals and tourists, you can feel overwhelmed if yoo many people are around you and renting a boat can make this moment even more spectacular.

symphony of lights Hong kong

symphony of lights Hong kong

The symphony of lights is a very spectacular and amazing lightening display multimedia event in Hong Kong that is synchronized with orchestral music at the same time. Hong Kong Victoria harbour has set its 44 buildings ablaze with dazzling lights every single night since 2004, this occasion has even gained a recognition by Guinness as being the largest permanent light and music show in the world.

Irrespective of the fun you had sailing on one of the traditional Hong Kong’s junk boats more the star boats of history, the spectacular display of the symphony of light in the middle of Victoria harbour on a private boat[will undoubtedly bring a memory you would not want to trade for anything. You can make your proposal to your partner on a glamorous night on a boat under an extra sensational multimedia extravaganza with lightening, led screen, lasers and searchlights all making the moment awesomely orchestrated and exciting.

The symphony of light is perfect for a unique experience with families and friends or for a corporate relaxing event

Private yacht for luxury rides

Instead of going on junk parties, a luxury ride on a private yacht has a considerable level of intimacy to boast on. A trip on a private yacht that you can charter for the whole of the day on in the evening is much more enjoyable to enjoy your weekend or celebrate your birthdays, get together, family vacation or a corporate event in a more exclusive and intimate manner rather than having junk parties.

The luxury boat has a minimum capacity of 35 people and a maximum of 50, and it is well equipped with accessories to make your time worth the while. This can include inflatable slide, inflatable trampoline, karaoke, board games, cooling and drinking ice, bean bags, cutleries, plates and wine glasses to make you feel your best and enjoy your time on the yacht.

The luxury boats always have lots of spaces inside and outside for relaxing and dining, and also plenty of spaces at the deck where you can lie on the mattress. The upper decks are always furnished with seats, tables and bean bags so that you can have a nice time enjoying the sun and the cool breeze of the day with your families, friends and loved ones.

Hong Kong offers plenty of solutions to enjoy the sea. Which one are you up to?

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