How the arts and culture scene has changed in Hong Kong

How the arts and culture scene has changed in Hong Kong

Fascinating art and culture ensure that you will have an unforgettable experience when you are in Hong Kong. The arts are growing at an astounding rate, so you can expect plenty of surprises, even if you have visited in the past. If you are interested in what this vibrant city has to offer, then take a look at the following to learn how the arts and culture scene in Hong Kong is growing and flourishing.

Change in Hong Kong

Since Hong Kong transitioned from British to Chinese rule, culture has boomed. Art enthusiasts can rejoice because the art scene has thrived and grown into something quite remarkable.

Part of why art and culture have taken off is due to a rich creative environment and ample funding. This year, the government agreed to utilize over four times more funding for art and culture initiatives than at the time of the government transition. Companies have also been helping fund the arts with their investments.

Types of art to see

The environment in Hong Kong has provided an excellent opportunity for the arts to grow, with over ten times as many commercial art galleries open today. No matter what type of art you enjoy, there is probably something for you here.

Hong Kong hosts first-rate events, festivals, museums, theater and more. From ancient to alternative forms of art, you will find it here.

clock n flap festival in Hong Kong

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Where to find art

Culture surrounds you when in Hong Kong, but if you hope to visit all the best art hot spots in the city, you need to know where to go.

West Kowloon Culture District is an area along the waterfront that is dedicated to visual and performing arts. It boasts new and developing art centres, including a theatre, museum of visual culture, and an upcoming museum filled with one-of-a-kind ancient Chinese artifacts.

Art Futures Group is a must-see gallery focused on Chinese contemporary art. They are at the forefront of the burgeoning contemporary art scene. Art Futures Group hosts special events such as art fairs, art sales and gallery openings, with year-round opportunities to meet artists in person and mingle with others who appreciate contemporary art.

SoHo is a district located south of Hollywood Road where you can find art galleries, tourist attractions, antique shops, excellent restaurants, nightclubs and more. This is the spot to go for dim sum or street food featuring international cuisine. This area hosts astounding temples, nightclubs and comedy clubs.

Hong Kong’s Cultural Centre is a breathtaking modern building that hosts outstanding classical music. Here you can listen to some of the best orchestra and opera music around.

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Alternative art

As the art scene grows in Hong Kong, you see more diverse street art on display. Vivid street art energizes otherwise bland monochromatic structures, and you will find that the majority of large-scale street art is as complex and robust as pieces that you might see in an art museum.

Hong Kong has transitioned into an art and culture centre. This city allows you to immerse yourself in a variety of history, cuisine, music and art. The entire world will continue watching Hong Kong to see what comes of this amazing revitalisation of art and culture.

street art as seen on a hong kong walking tours

Hong Kong street art