Hong Kong Tour Guide - Spotlight On Richard

To follow up on our introduction of the Hello Hong Kong Team, today we would like you to meet Richard! Richard has been living in Hong Kong for the past 20+ years. He calls Lantau Island - "The Lungs of Hong Kong"- his home and is quite an expert when it comes to our Lantau Tours. However, chances are you will meet this Hawaii flower shirt-enthusiast on our food tours or private customised tours too! Like the other members of our team, when it comes to creating a once in a lifetime experience for your sightseeing tour of Hong Kong, we can definitely say, you can always rely on Richard's expertise on the "Must - See" places of Hong Kong.

Here is our quick interview with Richard:

** What was the funniest thing that ever happened on a tour?

-> Several. However, one sticks out in particular! I initiated a man to propose to his girlfriend without a ring on the Peak. (We dedicated a whole blog to that one 😉 Check it out here!)

** What is your favourite place in Hong Kong?

-> Lantau Island

** What's your favourite Cantonese word and why?

-> Bing! Means Ice (Onomatopoeia)

** What's your favourite Chinese food?

-> Seafood

Well, the only thing left is to book your local tour of Hong Kong and let us help you create your Best Hong Kong Tour!

Romantic Moment on Private TourHere is the magical moment on Richard's tour!

Travel on the Peak Tram on your Private Customised TourHere is Richard on another Hong Kong City Tour