Hong Kong Tour Guide - Spotlight On Mel

Welcome to the 4th episode of our "Meet your Personal Tour Guide"! Today we would like to introduce Mel from the Hello Hong Kong Team! When Mel joined our team, we had no idea what a treasure we had found with our very first Hong Kong Local! Being a tour guide already at the age of 16, Mel is very passionate about his hometown and a never-ending fountain of knowledge! Graduating and living many years in the UK, Mel knows how to make even the cloudiest day on a Hong Kong Walking Tour to your personal highlight! Whether you are on a Night Tour of Kowloon, a Private Customised Tour, a Lantau Island or a Food Tour with this "rare breed Chinese" as he likes to call himself, you can be sure, it will be a great experience! Now let's see what Mel has to say:

** What was the funniest thing that ever happened on tour?
-> I think it's the concept of using the chopsticks...
** Chopsticks...?
-> Most guests thought that all Chinese food had to be picked up by chopsticks. I would usually not say anything to them until they start struggling, and then I would tell them to pick up the food by hands or spoons or merely stab the food with chopsticks... Chinese people are not obliged to use chopsticks while eating their food.
** What is your favourite place in Hong Kong?
-> Such an odd coincidence! One guest asked me the same question today... My favourite place in HK is actually wherever I am, and I would always be able to tell some stories to make it everyone's favourite...
** What's your favourite Cantonese word and why?
-> "Ngam" means correct, and it easily sounds like "N... ngam" means not correct... good fun to confuse my listeners...haha
** What's your favourite Chinese food?
->Fresh and well done Chinese food is my favourite!
That leaves only one thing to say: You definitely are in for a fun day when you are with Mel on your Hong Kong Local Tour!
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