Hong Kong City Tour - Man Mo Temple

When you plan your sightseeing in Hong Kong one of the "Must-See" places is Man Mo Temples. There are several of them around, but the largest one was built in 1847 to worship two Gods: civil or literature God, Man Tai and the martial God, Mo Tai, hence Man Mo. 😉 

The two Gods were worshipped by scholars and students seeking progress in their study or ranking in the civil examinations in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Students ask these gods for some divine help for progress in their study or good examination marks! 

In every temple, you will see lighting incense to worship gods. It means respect, memorial and gratitude to the temple gods. Also, fruits and food that you see in the temples are not snacks - at least not for us mortals!  They are all offerings to the respective Gods in the temple. The belief is that the gods will eat the snacks. However, every snack has its own meaning and your knowledgeable Hello Hong Kong tour guide will tell you about it. 

Why don't you include the visit to this temple into your Private Tour Hong Kong and learn some more about Hong Kong local customs?

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