Best Hong Kong Tours - 1000 reviews and counting!!!

Four years ago a young, british lady had the idea to share her love for Hong Kong with other people and started taking them on walking tours of Hong Kong that they, too, could experience Hong Kong almost like a local, even if it is for a couple of hours. She was mesmerised by the many facettes of Hong Kong - and she loved the local food too! 😁 So, she started by planning tours for foodies and provided Hong Kong Food Tours choosing some of the most amazing restaurants with Michelin stars and long history. Next were tours for people from any background and we had the Private Customised Tour adjusting them to the specific intersts like history, architecture, nature, etc. However, Hong Kong also has a darker side to it... So, she created a tour that talks about the open secrets of Hong Kong after dark - the Night Tour of Kowloon. Last but not least there are so many islands in Hong Kong but Lantau is the home of Tian Tan Buddha and some beautiful, historical fishing villages. For Laura, the founder of Hello Hong Kong, this was a good opportunity to bring Lantau and its history closer to people and show them first-hand why Lantau is called "the lungs of Hong Kong" on a Lantau Island Tour. Because more and more people started hearing about her tours, Laura started to look for people that share the same passion and the Hello Hong Kong Team was found. All guides have lived in Hong Kong for many years and will be happy to share their knowledge with you. Let's hear what Laura (the lady with the egg tarts in the picture) has to say:

It has been exactly 4 years since Hello Hong Kong set up and we have just hit 1000 reviews on TripAdvisor! It is a monumental achievement and I would like to thank my wonderful crazy team of fabulous tour guides and everyone that has come on a tour with us. We have conducted 1334 tours, had 5114 people come out with us and have been awarded 3 TripAdvisor Certificates of Excellence! I couldn't be more proud. Laura (that English bird that set it up)

So, book your tour with us for your next trip to Hong Kong. Even if you have already lived in Hong Kong for several years, there is always a chance that you might hear, see, try something that you did not know before! Give it a go! We will be happy to show you around!