About Hong Kong - What is Taoism?

When you are on your Hong Kong city tour, you will see numerous facets concentrated in one single city. You will see extremely rich, extremely poor, East meeting West, beautiful, untouched nature, concrete jungle and you will see Buddhism living alongside Taoism (pronounced more like "dowism"). Tao meaning the "way" or "path", is a religious belief that incorporates philosophical study, meditation and physical exercises that are meant to lead to a long and fruitful life. In Taoist temples, people pay honor to the Taoist gods a large part of what they are doing is about encouraging luck to come to them (which goes back to the ‘living a fruitful life’). They do this by making offerings to the god of them temple and asking for something back in exchange. Amongst various gods and goddesses, we will find names like Tin Hau - the goddess of the sea and protector of the fishermen - fishermen will go to visit Tin Hau with offerings before going out to sea, they will ask for a safe passage and to catch lots of fish. Man - the god of literature - often visited by students, particularly before important exam times. Wong Tai Sin - the god of good health. If you have booked a Hong Kong private tour, don't forget to ask you Hong Kong tour guide to take you to the Wong Tai Sin Temple. This one is amongst the "do not miss" sights to see in Hong Kong! And while you are there, let the fortune tellers tell you your future and let the gods surrounding this astonishing place be in your favour!

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