About Hong Kong - Chinese New Year Edition - Part Two

Chinese New Year also called the Lunar New Year is most important holiday for China and many other parts of Asia. Every year has a different presiding animal zodiac, who's turn it is to protect humankind. They repeat their duties every 12 years. On February 16th we will ring in the "Year of the Dog".

If you are on a sightseeing in Hong Kong, you will notice the festive red and gold decorations weeks before the actual Lunar New Year. The colours are very important as it is believed that red will scare away the evil along with the loud noises of the red crackers, and the gold colour will bring good luck and prosperity.

Buy your red and gold for Chinese New Year

Traditionally, the first and second day are the most important. These days are planned for family and to welcome the new year. The third day is called the "Red Mouth" and is considered to be unlucky to have visitors or go to visit anybody for the fear of falling apart with them. So, people rather visit temples and have their future told as it is a rather beneficial day for ones future!

Should you be on a Walking Tour of Hong Kong, from the fourth day onwards you might see a lot of friend and business gatherings and luncheons to celebrate the new year and, more traditionally, to welcome the gods.

In Hong Kong, we celebrate the second day of the Chinese New Year - the beginning of a new year - with a 23 minutes long fireworks over Victoria Harbour! Book your spot on our Chinese New Year Fireworks Cruise on February 17th, to secure your unblocked view of this spectacular event!


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